We Care Backpacks are a great "giving opportunity” and a way to support refugees around the world, and the work of Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) by filling a backpack to support those presently in refugee camps. So far we have shipped almost 200 various We Care kits including baby bundles, personal care kits, teacher kits and sewing kits through 2 different work bees.  Our work bees have finished for the year but we will continue to ship small amounts as items collect.  Various opportunities exisit for helping with the We Care Kits including:

  • Items can be continue to be contributed.  Please check the CLWR website for the different items or the office to see particular items we are short of.  
  • If you enjoy sewing or have a surger we can always use help turing material into diapers, receiving blankets turning large towels into hand towels.  
  • If you enjoy knitting you can find a link to making teddy bears below.  These teddy bears can be part of the living and learning kits or we can be sent seperately.  
  • Organizational skills are required on an ongoing basis in the mission room.  If you have an hour or two to spare occassionally to help keep the items coming in and out in order that would be appreciated.  
  • Each kit needs a donation of $5.00 to cover shipping.  If giving money is your thing then donations can be made through the collection plate marked "We Care Kits" to help cover this ongoing project

Personal Care Kits include:

Items required include:   washcloths, hand towels,toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, nail clippers, buttons, needles, thread and a set of clothing such as a top and bottom or a dress (can be used…no stains and in good condition). 

Knitted Teddy Bears

A handmade teddy bear will be a treasured gift for a child, and a perfect addition to theLearning and Living We Care kit if you wish! Bears can be shipped separately or within a kit.

A $5 donation outfits the bear with a We Care T-shirt and assists with the cost of shipping the toys overseas.

You can find a pattern for the bears here

Request We Care mini-T-shirts for your teddy bears! T-shirts can be ordered from CLWR by phone (1.800.661.2597) or email. The suggested donation of $5 per T-shirt covers the cost of shipping the bears overseas.