Our refugee family Zuheir, Maram, Mohammad and Hamza arrived on September 8th.  They have been settling in, taking English classes and working hard to adapt to life here in Canada.

The family is very friendly and love to meet new people.  Maram is a busy Mom with a one and three year old boys that would love visits especially from other Moms with little ones.   Zuheir (Dad) would love to take Mohammed (3 years old) swimming. He is nervous about the first time rules etc. There are two pools close to their home. Acadia and Southland Leisure Centre. Are you up for a swimming adventure? 

If you would like to extend a warm welcome to this family in anyway.  No matter how small please contact the office and we will put you in contact with the group working closely with them.

PS - Don't be afraid about the language barrier.  The family is learning very quickly and they also use a smartphone app which helps.