Internally we require many volunteers to keep all of our various activities running.  If you are interested in volunteering please contact the people listed below or the office.  

Some of the ways you can help occassionally or regularly include:

Sunday mornings

Building maintenance please contact Ken Farn.  This includes:

  • yard work
  • annual cleaning
  • general maintenance
  • plumbing
  • electrical

Family Ministry - Contact Family & Youth Ministry

  • Children's Sunday morning classes
  • Youth Sunday morning classes
  • Family events on Sundays and other days
  • Tween events
  • Youth events during the week


Small Groups - we are always looking for those with interests that would like to gather a few other people together that share their interests.  All it takes is one person to take the lead.  Please contact the office to discuss starting up a small group.  Don't forget - small groups are people with a shared interest and does not need to be your traditional Bible study.  Our games group on Tuesdays enjoy community and playing various games and our movie lovers group likes good quality movies.  Perhaps a handy person group? sewing group? scrapbook club? book club? If you have a passion more then likely there are a few other people that share that same passion.