SWARM supports refugees in our city in many ways. This work is for everyone. Many people from various Lutheran congregations continue to be involved in this way, there is always work to do, volunteers are always welcome.  

Highlights of 2022:

● SWARM now has Charitable Status with the CRA.

● We continue to assist new Canadian families from Ukraine, Afghanistan, Syria and many other places  to feel supported and embraced in their new city and through these difficult times

● We sponsored a young Honduran mother and her three sons and we continue to assist them as they learn English, seek employment and navigate their way in their new country

● We collect and deliver furniture, household items and clothing for new families. We have assisted upwards of 75 families throughout this year.

● We coordinate with other agencies in the city (CCIS, Centre for Newcomers, CIWA, etc) in assisting the many refugee arrivals

● We continue personal visits to new families to encourage them and help them know that they are welcome and that there are Canadians who care

● We assist other groups who are interested in sponsorship and have helped various congregations throughout Alberta accept Ukrainian families

How Can You Help:

● We need vehicles and muscles to help deliver furniture and household items - once or twice or regularly. Email calgaryswarm@gmail.com

● Donations of furniture and household items are welcome

● Visits with new families - it helps them practice english and feel welcome in our city Join us! 

Our Core Committee meets through Zoom monthly and anyone is welcome anytime! Our key contact is Marla Mulloy 403-617-6494  

Please donate to support the work of SWARM in 2023:

1.     Cheques may be written to your local congregation and designated to “Southwest Area Refugee Mission” or “SWARM”

2.     Cheques may be made directly to “SWARM” and sent to Southwest Area Refugee Mission, 8831 Fairmount Drive SE, Calgary, AB, T2H 0Z4.

3.     Donations may be made via e-transfer:  calgaryswarm@gmail.com