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Hey youth and parents,  

An update on our summer mission plans.  

As of right now, we have decided to go with the Mustard Seed week trip in downtown Calgary. We are debating between July 8-12 and 15-19. We’re leaning towards July 15-19 but we need a certain amount of youth and leaders to be able to do the mission trip. Right now, I have six youth confirmed (Lauren, Ashlyn, Clay, Finley, Amy, and Liam)(for the 15th-19th). I need at least two more aged 13-17, and one female leader to join us for the trip. If we can’t get those numbers, then we might have to partner with another group for the week of July 8-12th.  

Please let me know asap if you want to sign up, or if you are a parent, if you’d be willing to help us out as a leader. I’m looking into the possibility of them allowing our youth aged 18 to join us as well.  


Jesse Ramson Director of Children and Youth Ministries