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Hey Tween (Grade 4 – 6) Group,  

Are you excited for September? I sure am, because it marks the return of our Tween program for the year!   Here’s the schedule up until December!  

Saturday September 9th at 6pm – Combined Youth and Tween Event – Potluck Meet and Greet with Family Bring your parents and siblings out for this combined youth and tween launch event. We’ll start by sharing in a potluck meal at 6pm, please bring a salad, desert or main course. Then, we’ll compete in some family games, crowning a family champion at the end of the night! Registration forms will also be available for parents to sign for their children.  

Saturday October 14th at 7pm – Fear Factor Back by popular demand, this year’s Fear Factor will test your strength, courage, and wits even more than last year!  

Saturday November 4th at 7pm – Game Night Bring out your favourite board game or card game or video game, as we spend a night playing as many games as possible!  

Saturday December 2nd at 7pm – Winter Olympics Join us for a night of winter competition, as we team up to take on variations of classic Olympic sports! Make sure to wear proper outdoor clothing (coats, mitts, e.t.c.)!