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Zuheir and Maram and their two  little boys Mohammad (3 years) and Hamza (10 months) will arrive on September 8th in the afternoon.  We are finalizing an apartment for them.

If you have been waiting to help ...

Help Moving Furniture:  We will need volunteers to help move the furniture into the apartment at the beginning of September.  If you would be able to help it would be greatly appreciated!  If you have a truck or a van to offer, that would be great, too!  Contact the office or Jaqui Anderson.  

Below are a few areas that continue to need more volunteers:

· Phones and Technology Group

· Budget and Finances Group (working closely with the family to provide financial learning)

· Shopping Group (helping the family learn about food shopping)

· Teaching new cooking skills to a young mother and father

· Employment Group (connecting with employment opportunities – the father has some cooking skills)

· Cultural outings – getting to know and experience the city and area

A designated account has been set up in support of the SW Conference Refugee program above.  All donations should be clearly marked “Refugee  Mission Fund”.  Please contact Garry Mihaichuk or Jaqui Anderson with questions or offers of assistance.