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Introductory 10 week course in Hebrew

Taught by Hebrew teacher Orly Shalev, it  is designed for Adults to learn and experience some of the richness of the Hebrew language. The class will run from 7 to 9 pm on Thursday nights beginning on March 2nd until May 18th with a two week break in April.

Why study Hebrew?

  • Hebrew is the original language of the Bible. It you want to know the Tanakh (Old Testament) better, you will want to study Hebrew.
  • The Lord Jesus knew Hebrew.  Hebrew is the Foundation of the New Testament;  in fact, all of the original authors of the New Testament were Jews who spoke and read Hebrew.  Studying Hebrew will give you new insight into the meaning of the New Testament Writings.
  • The Language of the Synagogue:  Jews have been praying the same blessings, chanting the same Scriptures and studying the same texts for literally thousands of years.  Studying Hebrew will help you appreciate the Jewish roots of Christianity.
  •  The Language of Modern Israel.  Hebrew is the only ancient language to have been revived as a modern spoken language.  Your study of Hebrew will help you better appreciate modern Jewish culture and the people living in Israel.
  • Bible Study – By developing a better understanding of the Hebraic mindset you will have a better understanding of the Bible.

. The cost of the program is $100 for the 10 weeks.  Contact the office for more details.