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Tonight’s worship is based on a “Tenebrae” Service; a Service of Darkness. Very simply it draws us into the depths of the suffering and death of Jesus. The responses are shared, the songs are sung and the story of the Crucifixion is told. As each of the Scripture readings are shared, one candle will be extinguished. The only light will be that of the Christ Candle, which will be taken out of the sanctuary. In the darkness, a sharp noise will be heard, symbolizing the death of Jesus. Then the Christ Candle will reappear and each person’s candle will be lit to remind us that as we leave in silence, we go knowing of the Easter celebration to come. After our worship this night, we remember that the Story is not over. We are urged to return Sunday morning to join the “hallelujah chorus” of joy as we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord.