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The new school year has begun and with it our Acadia Lunch Program.  In conjunction with McDougall United Church we are supporting a brown bag style lunch program for children at Acadia School, David Thompson and Lord Beaverbrook High School.  Each week several volunteers gather on Wednesday morning to assemble sandwiches, fruit, veggies and a healthy cookie to help feed hungry kids.

To be able to continue this program and to keep costs minimal there is a need for either cash donations (please direct to urgent care) and/or items such as brown paper bags (lunch size or a little bigger), and plastic snack bags.  We at present have enough plastic sandwich bags and 7 oz. plastic glasses (for the fruit and veggie cups).   

In addition, each week we provide 20 – 24 healthy cookies.  Additional bakers are always welcome.  We ask the cookies be healthy and please remember NO NUTS and NO PEANUT BUTTER.  This would be a huge help. A sign-up sheet is available by the kitchen or online at: