School Lunch Program

The new school year has begun and with it our Acadia Lunch Program.  In conjunction with McDougall United Church we are supporting a brown bag style lunch program for children at Acadia School, David Thompson and Lord Beaverbrook High School. 

To be able to continue this program and to keep costs minimal there is a need for either cash donations (please direct to urgent care) and/or items such as brown paper bags (lunch size or a little bigger), and plastic snack bags.  We at present have enough plastic sandwich bags and 7 oz. plastic glasses (for the fruit and veggie cups).   

In addition, each week we provide 20 – 24 healthy cookies.  Additional bakers are always welcome.  We ask the cookies be healthy and please remember NO NUTS and NO PEANUT BUTTER.  This would be a huge help. A sign-up sheet is available by the kitchen or online at:


If you are interested in learning more, or supporting the program with time or financial support please contact Pastor Lee or the office.    


See below for a brief summary of what we did in the 2015/2016 school year:

  • 710 sandwiches
  • 529 cheese/crackers
  • 526 fruit/veggie cups
  • 585 cookies  

Total food items – 2,350  

We provided lunches for a total of 28 weeks throughout the school year for an average of 84 food items per week.  Typically the average would be more like 90 to 95 items, but there were a few weeks where David Thompson did not require lunches.  We started at the end of September at one lunch a month, then in October agreed to two lunches a month and then in January increased to once a week.  (This coming year we are starting the first week of September on a weekly basis). 

Total spent was $740.98 – overall average worked out to $26.46 per week  

Donated items came from a variety of sources including:  

  • all cookies were provided from LCOS members
  • occasional donations of veggies and crackers, eggs, ham and fruit from congregational events
  • occasional donations of lunch meat, brown paper bags and sandwich bags from LCOS members,
  • McDougall Church provided crackers

Each week 700 children need an entire lunch or a supplement because they are coming to school hungry.  A child may need help once or multiple times each week.  Each Week we have a group of volunteers that prepare food on Wednesday at the Church and deliver on Thursday morning.