Have you heard about Lutheran Hospital Ministires - Southern Alberta (LHMSA)?

LHMSA was registered as a society in 1976 and is a member of the Alberta Pastoral Care Association.  Their Mission Statment is Bringing Jesus' Healing and Promise of Salvatio to Lutherans who are in hospital or care facilities, and their families.  Trained visitors give support through compassionate listenig, prayer and Scripture.  Our much-valued visitors include current and retired Pastors ad people from all wals of life.  Individuals have come together frommany different backgrounds to share Christ's love through the Lord's visitation "Ministry of Presence".

LHMSA is continually looking for new visitors to enhace and expand its work in Southern Alberta.  We hold training courses during the year, inviting people to learn about visitation and relationship skills for use in numerous settings, including visitation ministry, congregational work, and family communication.  

Visitor Statistics for 2016:  Visitors spent 1, 722 hours making 6,737 visits.  

If you would like more information about LHMSA, please contact us at (403) 264-4045 or lhmsac@gmail.com