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As received from the Bishop Larry:

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Pastor Susan and Cliff Horton who are staying with us, have connected with Christ the King members regarding their safety and current locations. Members were notified via email that Pastor Susan and Cliff would be worshiping at Trinity, Edmonton yesterday, and were invited to join them there for worship. They are appreciative of each prayer and expressions of care, for all those touched by this devastaion. It is my understanding that their worship site at the school is still intact, as well as their home.

Updates... Lakeland, Cold Lake - AnnE Zimmerman, Licensed to Serve in a Pastoral Capacity shares that there are currently 300+ individuals from Ft. McMurray in Cold Lake. The congregation is working ecumenically and inter-faith and with the city to provide support and have been volunteering in many capacities.

Lord of Glory, Lac La Biche - Rev. Phil Hink (Ret.) who is serving as Interim, shared the following: Members of Lord of Glory have cleaned rooms and helped shelter evacuees at the Bible School where we currently worship.  Several have opened their homes as well.  Several members managed the food bank and handed out boxes of food to people.  I spent time at the Bold Centre where evacuees have come to register.  At the present time, nearly 5,000 have registered.  They are being fed, given clothes and basic needs, and cots have been set up for people to sleep.  People were quite eager to have a chance to talk and were overwhelmed at the generosity of people to help them.

Parish of Northern Lights, Boyle / Colinton / Athabasca / Perryvale / Wandering River - Rev. Lesley Wheeler-Dame, shares that the population has exploded in the area with estimates of 2500 - 3000 individuals. They have received many donations, provided significant volunteers, and have been overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone.

Last Friday, I participated in a conference call with CLWR representatives and the LC-C District President regarding financial donations as well as immediate, short-term and long-term interventions.A second conference call is scheduled for later this week. Information regarding matching funds from FaithLife Financial was forwarded via our synod e-list. Please click on the following link to find out more. As we continue to pray, perhaps the following will guide our prayers: Our Lord and our God, grant us grace to know your love in whatever we face. Give us patience and thankfulness, even in our pain, anxiety or loss; and move us with compassion and tenderness for our afflicted neighbours; through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Recovering from Trauma, Evangelical Lutheran Worship; Pastoral Care, pg 188.) In Christ Jesus, Shalom, + Bishop Larry