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Our refugee family Mom, Dad and their two young sons, will be travelling shortly from Lebanon to Calgary.  Mom and Dad were born in Syria while the 2 little boys were born in Lebanon.  They all speak Arabic and Dad has worked as a chef previously.  

Right now we are looking for accommodations in either the NW near Advent or in the SE/SW area near LCOS or Lutheran Church of the Cross.  If you know of suitable accommodations please let  us know. 

Additional help is needed in any of the following key areas: housing, basic start up food kit, education, employment, medical, dental, shopping, transportation, outings, financial and faith support, technology and phones, family issues, support services, current contact information and planning airport arrival.    A designated account has been set up in support of the SW Conference Refugee program above.  All donations should be clearly marked “Refugee Mission Fund”.  

For more information please contact the office.