Did you know that we have a Lutheran High School?  A brief letter is found below from LCBI in Saskatchewan.

The Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute’s long history in Saskatchewan is a history connected to our ELCIC, and indeed our Synod of Alberta. There are many, many alumni and families spread across the western provinces and beyond with strong connections to LCBI. Graduates of LCBI have been blessing our congregations for many years as pastors and lay leaders, and present students have been busy in our midst as well. One such event was the annual LCBI Choir tour of 2016 this past Easter week. With stops in Provost, Stettler, Ascension Lutheran in Edmonton, and in Airdrie, the Choir once again proved to be tremendous ambassadors of the school and presented an excellent concert. Special thanks to them for making the Synod of Alberta their tour destination this year!

There is so much that happens at LCBI too, with great academic ratings, a great sports program, and most importantly, faith formation. All this on what is a rather tight budget. To all of our Synod parishes and Alumni, continue to support in prayer and in giving what you can, especially in this hard economic time.

To Pastors, Deacons, and all church workers, along with congregations, do keep LCBI in mind and be encouraged to make your young people in Jr. High and High School aware of the school. Make your whole congregation aware of the school through the publicity information and by going to the school’s website at lcbi.sk.ca. From there you can also get to their Facebook page.

Rev. John Lentz
St. Paul’s, Olds
LCBI Board of Regents