As the Sunflower turns to the Sun, So should we turn to the Son

Thank you to everyone that attended our special small group discussions on August 31st & October 5th.

The discussions were centered around the Listening Report issued in June and the next steps in the process. Some of the questions that were covered include:

  • If you had 3 wishes for LCOS what would they be?
  • What does Outreach look like? 
  • Where is the church being heard (if at all)?
  • How do we support families at LCOS?
  • What does being Missional look like?

Questions or Concerns? Please contact the Guiding Mission Team members or the office.

  • Who or what is the Guiding Mission Team?
  • Forming Mission Shaped Ministries is a group of people that will be spending 18 months exploring the following questions:
  • “What is God doing in the world right now?” 
  • “How are we going to get involved with what God is doing in the world right now?”

Would you like to help us explore these questions?

We will be needing assistance in a variety of ways over the next 18 months.  Contact us if you would like to support this group.